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       *        The queen of rice, processed to perfection the queen among many other varities grown in india,
   that kirorimal kashirm (k.k.ram) brings to you Handpicked varieties of basmathi rice processed
   with utmost care to achieve the best possible quality.
      *         KKRAM Basmathi rice specialist with its experience spanning over a century, k.k.ram has
  gained unmatched expertise in processing basmathi rice.
       *         kkram is one of the leading exporters of basmthi rice, sona masoori rice, south indian ponni rice
   and other well-known indian varieties to the Usa, Australia,Singapore and other Countries.
       *         The ratings assigned to the bank facilities of Kirorimal Kashiram Marketing and Agencies Private Limited (KKRAM) are constrained by susceptibility of the company’s profit margins to seasonal vagaries of rice output and volatility of commodity price.
       *         The ratings are also constrained by the working capital intensive nature of business and presence in highly fragmented and competitive industry with low entry barriers..

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We develop wide range of Products,  which



  • >> Double Deer Brand Basmati Rice
  • >> Wheel Brand Basmati Rice
  • >> Postman Brand Basmati Rice
  • >> Bullet Brand Basmati Rice  etc...

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Kirorimal Kashiram Marketing Private Limited


Address: R.O : 60,(OLD-34),


                      CHENNAI - 600 001.
Telephone: 044 + 25390907, 25383640, 25386785 & 42163711
 E-mail: info@kkram.com